How to Book a Schiphol Escort - Step by Step

Everything to know when booking an Escort in Schiphol

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Choosing an Escort

For some men, this can be the most challenging part of the entire process – deciding what girl to choose. Regarding selecting an escort, there are two schools of thought. The first is choosing a woman that fits your type. This is different for all men, but essentially it comes down to hair colour, breast size, ass size and or body size. We have a great collection of beautiful girls, so choosing based on these conditions shouldn’t be too difficult.

The second method of choosing an escort in Schiphol is based on skillset or sexual experience. This may be your priority if you have a particular sexual fantasy or fetish. Considering all our girls are super sexy, this is not a bad way to make your selection, as it will guarantee you get what you want. If you choose based on skillset, you can browse through all the girl’s profiles describing their services. Alternatively, you can phone us directly and ask us to provide a list of girls who meets your needs.

Select more than One Escort

Always choose more than one escort. It’s best to have at least three choices. This is because Schiphol escorts are in high demand, and having multiple options will make the booking process much easier, especially if your first choice is booked. Also, if you provide multiple options, the person dealing with you on the phone will often understand the type of girl you favour, allowing them to make other recommendations you would approve of.

Decide which Escort Services you want

When booking an escort, most men assume that everything is included in the price and that every escort will perform every sexual act known to humankind. Unfortunately, this is not the case, so for us to find the perfect girl for you, we need to know what it is you want.

To better understand what escort services you want, consider the following broad categories.

1. Standard Escort Service

This escort service is what most customers expect when they book an escort in Schiphol. This service includes no additional charges and involves both sex and oral sex. It is the most popular service making up at least 70% of all customer bookings. If this service fits your needs, then booking is a lot more straightforward as this is the default service. In other words, when booking an escort, this is the assumed service.

2. Couples Escort Service

As you’ve probably guessed, this escort service is for couples who want to have a threesome. This service comes at an additional charge and is only performed by certain girls. This service involves the girls having sex with both clients. It’s an inclusive experience and promotes couples improving their sex lives. Quick note, many girls who offer this service do not include going down on the woman, so if this is what you want, then it’s best to clarify this during the booking.

3. Threesome Escort Service (Multiple Escorts)

If having sex with multiple women at the same time is on the menu, then the Threesome or Duo Escort service is precisely what you need. This service is charged the same as the standard service, times the number of girls booked. Customers can expect the same services provided with the standard service but multiplied. It should be noted that multiple escorts often provide a greater value than the sum of all the parts.

4. Fetish Escort Services

Fetish escort services are a rather large category and should best be thought of in terms of sexual acts that are not typically performed by normal couples in society. Of course, the word normal is subjective, but I’m sure you understand the concept. These are services which are not considered mainstream.

Examples of a few Fetish Services:


Not all escorts perform fetish services, and customers need to be specific about what they want regarding their fetish fantasy. Regarding prices, fetish services come at an extra charge and are discussed with the customer during bookings.

5. Extra Services

Unlike fetish services, extra services are considered part of mainstream society but, in most cases, not practised as widely as many men would like.

Examples of Extra Service:


These services are typically charged as an extra fee over and above your booking prices. Not all escorts perform these services, but the girls widely adopt them. Extra services are charged separately to reduce the hourly rate for customers who are not interested in them.

Escort Booking Times and Duration

The final step before you actually make your booking is establishing the time and duration of the meeting. The duration of your booking can be an important point when considering the popularity of certain girls. If you book only one hour, you may be unable to extend it if the girl has other bookings.

When establishing your duration, consider what type of experience you want and how long that experience may take. Some men don’t mind a one-hour booking whilst others find this too rushed. Of course, we always try to accommodate customers who are having a good time, but we cannot guarantee extensions.

Make Sure you have the correct Money

Before picking up the phone and making your booking, it is a good idea first to make sure you have money. Many visitors to Schiphol Airport often assume that drawing money out will be easy, only to discover their bank has blocked them from accessing their account. This is usually because some travellers forget to allow their accounts to be used internationally.

Never assume you can pay with credit cards. Many large institutions in the Netherlands do not even accept foreign credit cards. Yes, we know it sounds crazy, but it is a reality. Regarding booking an escort in Schiphol, the best policy is always to use cash, which means either Euros or Dollars. Cash is the prefered payment method as there are no technical difficulties and things operate far smoother.

Make your booking by Phone

Now that you have gone through the selection process of choosing a Schiphol Escort, it’s time to make the actual booking. The booking process is usually quite simple and will only take a few minutes at the most.

When calling the escort agency, they will typically want the following information from you:

  • Girl’s name you wish to book
  • Your location / Hotel – Room Number
  • Your Contact Details
  • Time of booking
  • Duration of booking


When you answer these questions, they might have more questions for you, depending on the circumstances.

  • Your chosen girl is not available, establishing a new choice.
  • Your booking time is not available; set a new time.


Please Note: throughout this process, the phone operator, in most cases, will assume you want the Standard Escort service, as this is the case for 90% of men making bookings. If you want any of the above alternative escort services, now is the time to mention this to the phone operator.

  • Couples Escort Service
  • Threesome Service
  • Fetish Services
  • Extra Services (Anal, GFE, COB etc.)


Once you have completed all the questions and agreed on escort, services and booking times, the booking process is essentially done. That being said, we do recommend asking the following key questions to confirm costs. This will avoid surprises that can leave a bad taste in the mouth.

  • What is the total price to pay the girl?
  • Is a taxi included in the price? – it should be
  • Can I extend my booking if I’m having fun?


Finally, when talking on the phone, try to be concise and try not to waste time. There are many people in Schiphol trying to book escorts like you. The phone operator cannot spend hours talking to you, and if you are taking too long or being indecisive, they will likely need to end the call. Try to understand phone operators are responsible for making bookings for the girls. If you consume too much time, some girls may lose bookings.

Waiting for your Escort to Arrive

Now that you have made your booking, waiting for your escort to arrive is the only thing left. Oddly enough, this is probably the area with the most confusion. So to avoid any potential problems, please follow these guidelines.

  1. Make sure you are at your hotel room or home at the time of the booking. If you are not there when she arrives, she will leave.
  2. Make sure you can hear your phone and respond to it. If the agency cannot contact you, they will not proceed with the booking. This can often result in an automatic cancellation.
  3. Don’t get impatient if your escort does not arrive on time. Allow for up to a 30 minutes delay. If you are concerned, call the escort agency only once and ask for an update. Do not call every 5 minutes asking where your girl is. Rest assured, she will come.
  4. Make sure you can hear your hotel room phone. Some hotels will call your room to confirm you are receiving a guest. If you do not answer, they may not let her through.

How to Pay your Escort when she Arrives

In many countries where escorting is illegal, there is a whole process of paying for an escort—for example, putting money in an envelope, leaving it where she can see it etc. In the Netherlands, escort services are legal, so escort agencies do not operate like this. Things are far more straightforward.

When your Schiphol escort arrives, invite her and maybe offer her a seat. Then give her the money agreed upon with the escort agency when you made your booking. At this point, she will count the money to make sure it’s correct. Once that is complete, the fun will begin.

If there is a dispute regarding the money, ask the girl if you can phone the agency to sort things out because maybe you made a mistake. Be polite; you don’t want to offend anyone and ruin the evening, so it’s better to remain calm and a gentleman. Sometimes mistakes are made, and she won’t be offended if you need clarification. Always give the impression that this is not about her and that you might have made an error. In this way, she does not feel responsible and will not take issue with you. Please understand that many customers from certain cultures try to negotiate the price or come up with all sorts of hair-brain schemes. The girls have seen it all, so their tolerance towards such matters may not be as it once was.