Beware of Independent Schiphol Escorts

6 Points to think about when booking a Independent Schiphol Escort

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Beware of Independent Escorts

There may well be some amazing independent escorts in Schiphol, but in our experience, they are few and far between. Most of you regular customers have booked an independent girl in the past, and some of you will have found some real gems. We are not saying there aren’t good ones; let us make that very clear. And if you have found a good one that you really like, you should stick with her and continue to be a regular. If there is anything we are all about here at, it’s about finding the right girl for you.

As we said, these girls are rare, so you need to keep hold of them. The trouble is, when it comes to finding a reliable and talented independent escort in Schiphol, you could end up spending a fortune on many bad bookings before you find what you are looking for. Not a good plan for someone who enjoys variety. The best thing about an agency is that they have a lot of girls to choose from, and they change frequently.


The problem with independent girls is that they have no one to be responsible for. They do not rely on an agency to get them bookings which also means they don’t answer to anyone. This is not about controlling the girl but rather about professionalism. Independent Schiphol escorts set their own rules, which often don’t align with customer expectations. If no one is maintaining standards, standards inevitably start to drop. When it comes to escort agencies, they have a reputation to uphold, so they set rules and standards that the girls must follow if they want to work for them. Girls who misbehave are let go, and the remaining ones are of the highest quality.

1. Hidden Costs

Many customers think that independent escorts are cheaper than agencies. This is because independents often falsely represent their standard rates as all-inclusive. Customers soon discover that most of the things they assumed were included, in fact, an additional charge, and the costs spiral out of control very quickly.

2. Overcharging Customers

It is true the girls can set whatever prices they want, and this is not the problem if they are presented upfront. Typically, high-priced sexual acts are only discovered once things have already begun, and the likelihood of customers stopping in mid-flow is unlikely and impractical.

3. Misrepresentation

The escort industry in Schiphol is very competitive. Because of this, many independent escorts will often oversell themselves to make themselves a more attractive proposition, which often leads to grossly overstated services and skillsets. This is especially true regarding the more specialized services, which some escorts have almost no clue about. You are probably thinking, why would they do that? It makes no sense. It’s simple once they are in your company, they know the chances of you leaving are very small, so they take advantage.

4. Bad Attitudes and Cold Behaviour

Working as an escort is not an easy job. Independent escorts have no infrastructure to help make their lives easier. In other words, they are finding and screening customers, organizing transportation, safety, etc. What invariably happens for many of them is they start to cut corners. They start becoming frustrated, and the cold, tired mindset finally kicks in. At this point, it’s probably a good time to consider a vocation change, but unfortunately for you, this doesn’t happen. One of the most common complaints men have when ordering independent escorts is they are cold, impersonal and rushed. Schiphol escorts working for a professional agency will very quickly get discovered. It only takes a few customer complaints to realize that a girl is no longer cut out to be doing this job. Like in any industry, you first try to remedy the problem before dismissing them. But if this doesn’t happen, you let them go. Interesting fact escorts will make more money working for an agency than an independent escort, and most independent escorts at one point worked for an agency. It is our experience that a significant number of independent escorts now work for themselves because they were fired from reputable agencies.

5. Safety and Crime

Let us start by saying we don’t want to paint the entire independent escort sector and criminals. That being said, the number of problems experienced with independent escorts vastly outnumber those experienced with agencies. The reason for this is simple if something goes wrong while booking through an agency, customers know who to contact, the girl’s details are known, and something can be done. If you book an independent escort and discover some money was taken from your wallet or your watch went missing, there is not much you can do. In many cases, the girl will simply change her number and disappear.

6. Reliability and Organization

Many men who book escorts in Schiphol are transient businessmen, meaning they stay for short periods, and their time is limited. In these situations, reliability and organization are essential to these customers. Men working under these conditions don’t want to waste time organizing an escort; instead, they want to place a booking and know they will be there at a particular time.
Independent escorts can be notoriously unreliable. If they get a book for one hour and then another booking for the same time for 5 hours, they will simply drop you without any thought as to your schedule or plans. Worst of all, they will often not even inform you of the cancellation just in case the other booking cancels.

The Advantage of an Escort Agency in Schiphol

Based on everything stated in this article, it’s pretty apparent why using an escort agency in Schiphol is advantageous. For the sake of clarity, let’s sum up things. An agency provides customers with a reliable, high-quality, problem-free escort service. Escort agencies remove all the complexities regarding booking logistics and planning. Additionally, they offer an extra layer of security and accountability regarding vetting their girls and maintaining standards. All in all, using a Schiphol escort agency will significantly reduce any potential problems and increase the potential for you to have an incredible time with a gorgeous woman.