13 Tips on How to Treat a Schiphol Escort

Escort Etiquette in Schiphol

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1. Be Clean and Tidy

This is one of the most crucial considerations here. When hiring a Schiphol escort, it’s best to appear like you’re going on an actual date. You wouldn’t go on a date looking dishevelled, so there’s no need to dress any differently for your escort.

Things will become uncomfortable if you go up to see your escort looking dirty and unkempt. However, if you dress to impress, she will be more interested. It is only fair that you invest as much time and energy into your look as an escort does into hers.

2. You Should Avoid Getting Too Personal

When hiring an escort, you should be prepared to have a lively conversation but avoid getting too personal. She could feel awkward telling you intimate facts about her life. This is for a variety of reasons. For instance, if she keeps her occupation a secret from her loved ones, it might lead to several issues. In addition, it is not uncommon for customers to get obsessed with an escort, going so far as to attempt to learn her personal information, such as her address or social media profiles.
Please don’t be too specific; talk about her interests or hobbies instead. Keep the discussion light until she feels safe enough to share more personal details with you.

3. Be Open about what you want from our Schiphol Escort

Communicate your needs to your Schiphol Escort in detail. Do not assume your escort can read your thoughts when hiring her. Being forthright about your motivations from the start can help. Don’t attempt to surprise her with anything midway through the outing.

Before you meet in person, the Escort should fully know your plans and expectations. Not every Escort in Schiphol performs every sexual act. Therefore, it is a good idea always to establish her services before the meeting and not assume anything.

4. You Should Not Get Drunk

Intimidation is normal when meeting an escort for the first time. Drinking one beverage to ease nervousness is ok, but indulging in more than that is a recipe for disaster.

If you want to create a good impression, you shouldn’t be inebriated at the first meeting. Informing your Escort ahead of time that you plan to drink alcohol throughout the date is courteous. An escort’s safety is in danger when a client is intoxicated. Remember that not all intoxicated individuals are pleasant to be around, and no escort wants to learn this the hard way. Be aware that many escorts won’t take your appointment if they think you’ve been drinking or are drunk.

Not every Escort will want to drink with you. Yet again, this is a security risk and is often a policy of the escort agency she’s working for. If you intend to get drunk, you may consider hiring a party girl, as these escorts are wilder and will often work in pairs.

5. Have the correct Money Ready

The money is expected to be ready when making a reservation for an escort service. If possible, only paper currency (no coins) should be included in the payment.

Furthermore, the Escort will not be responsible for providing you with spare change. It’s on you to make sure you have enough. The money for Schiphol escorts doesn’t need to be concealed in any particular way; you can just present it to her or have it waiting on a counter.

Also, don’t expect the Escort to provide you with change. Having the correct amount is your responsibility. When it comes to Schiphol escorts, you don’t need to put the money in an envelope or anything like that; you can simply hand it to her or have it waiting on a counter.

Please note: Payment should be made before anything happens. Once the payment has been accepted, only then can the date begin. Typically payment should be made within the first few minutes of the meeting, so try to waste time with small talk; there will be plenty of time for that later.

If you are in a public space, try to be discrete when giving her the money. This is not because you are doing anything illegal but because your Escort doesn’t want to advertise her job.

6. Treat your Escort with Respect

It would be best if you always treated a high-class Schiphol escort with the utmost respect. There shouldn’t be any serious problems even if you mess up the etiquette a little, as long as you’re courteous at all times. Always remember that an escort is a trained professional and should be treated as such. You should not expect your relationship with an escort to develop into anything more than a business arrangement, even though she may have a fantastic time with you. Building the close relationships that many customers experience with their companions takes time and trust. You can’t expect this kind of familiarity to develop on the first encounter.

7. Safety First

Having safe sex is a must. You should not try something that can cause any type of injury to the Escort. Even if you both get into BDSM, ensure it doesn’t go to a level that can cause serious harm. The most important thing is always to use a condom. Most escort agencies clearly mention what they expect from the clients regarding all the safety measures. But even if it is not said, try to take all the safety measures at your end.

Many men don’t like wearing a condom. That said, this is not the time to try and push boundaries, not with an escort. You will likely get a very negative response if you even suggest to an escort that you don’t want to wear a condom.

8. When she says No, it means No

At no point can an escort ever be forced to perform any sexual act. If she is uncomfortable or refuses to perform a sexual act, this is final. Any aggressive behaviour in Schiphol will be met with legal repercussions, and because escorting in Schiphol is a lawful profession, there will be no hesitation in phoning the police.

Don’t worry; escorts will generally provide the service you paid for, and if, for some reason, they cannot, you should expect a refund or at least a partial refund depending on the services bought.

9. Be On Time

Being on time is highly valued, just as it is in all other walks of life. Be considerate of your Escort’s time by being on time for your date. Call your Escort and let her know if anything out of the ordinary occurs.

It’s important to keep in mind that you can’t just make up the time you lost by being late. And don’t think that just because you’re late, she’ll have to make some kind of exception just for you. She may already have a full schedule and have to reschedule your appointment or cancel it entirely. In most cases, an escort should be booked ahead of time, much like an airline ticket. The aircraft can only wait for so long before it has to take off.

10. Be Patient while waiting for your Escort to arrive

Waiting for an escort may be frustrating for many people. Keep in mind that there are several potential causes of a delay. However, you can be sure that she is making every effort to come as soon as possible.

If you think there is a problem, phone the agency and ask for a status update. Try not to phone repeatably every 5 minutes asking where she is. Remember, this is her job, and she doesn’t get paid unless she meets with you – so she will arrive.

11. Be Alone when meeting your Escort

It is not appropriate to have anyone around for your meeting; some cannot watch unless this is agreed upon beforehand.

If you are a group of guys wanting to book escorts, make sure you book one girl per guy. Any escort that arrives at a location filled with guys will usually leave immediately as the risk is too high.

12. Don’t try and take Pictures or Videos

Never try to take a picture of an escort, let alone a video. Some escorts in Schiphol do offer a masked service for an extra fee, where a mask covers their face. Other than that, any form of recording is forbidden and will be faced with strong resistance by the girl. Invading a girl’s privacy this way will not go well for anyone who tries it – we strongly recommend not going anywhere near this topic.

13. Buying Gifts and Giving Tips

Tipping a Schiphol escort will score you serious brownie points, and if you plan to book her again will go a long way for your next meeting. You don’t need to tip a lot to have an impact. Even an extra €10 or €20 makes a difference and will be much appreciated. It is well-known that escorts in Schiphol remember the clients that tip. Another idea for travellers is to tip with leftover foreign currencies you may have lying around. Money is money, and escorts don’t mind what form it takes when it’s a tip.

If you want to buy a gift, consider something small like a box of chocolates. Don’t think you need to spend a fortune; it’s the idea that counts, and because most customers don’t get anything, your gift will stand out regardless. Of course, if you want to buy something a little more expensive, then perfume is a good option, and anything from one of the top clothing brands will go down a treat but don’t feel obligated. This is entirely up to you and is not expected by the girls – which is why it’s such a pleasant surprise.